This is my life encapsulated. 

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Open question to the Internet: Why is it apparently mysogynistic of men to get excited about the Olympics women’s beach volleyball because there’s pretty ladies jumping about in tight sport bikinis, when half of the female Tumblr population has done little else this week…

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On making the world more uncomfortable for rapists. 

God, I love Valenti.

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Sometimes I have the time and patience to get from an idea to a fully fleshed-out, penciled, inked and coloured comic.

Sometimes I don’t.

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Toy stores are selling plastic stripper poles, and “modeling” websites are featuring prepubescent girls posing in lingerie. Even mainstream pornography has caught on: In 2006, Playboy listed Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov’s novel about a pedophile who falls in lust with his landlady’s twelve-year-old daughter, as one of the “25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written”…..

The message is clear, and dangerous: The most desirable women aren’t women at all— they’re girls.


— Jessica Valenti, The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women (via alexandravictorious)

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"There’s no time for romance, we have shit to Avenge."

Scarlett Johansson, when asked if we see Black Widow and Hawkeye in a romantic situation.

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I don’t approve of today either.


I don’t approve of today either.

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