“I freely admit,” said Wimsey, “That it’s the queerest case I ever struck. We’ve got all the evidence - of an elaborate conspiracy to do something or other, and we’ve got a corpse which looks like the victim of the conspiracy to murder. But when we put the two together, they don’t fit. Everything in the garden is lovely except the melancholy fact that none of the people engaged in the conspiracy could possibly have done the murder. Harriet! It’s your business to work out problems of this sort - how do you propose we tackle this one?”
“I don’t know,” said Harriet. “I can only suggest a few methods and precedents. There’s the Roger Sheringham method, for instance. You prove elaborately and in detail that A did the murder; then you give the story one final shake, twist it round a fresh corner and find that the real murderer is B - the person you suspected first and then lost sight of.”
“That’s no good; the cases aren’t parallel. We can’t even plausibly fix anything on A, let alone B.”
“No; well, there’s the Philo Vance method. You shake your head and say ‘There’s worse yet to come,’ and then the murderer kills five more people, and that thins the suspects out a bit and you spot who it is.”
“Wasteful, wasteful,” said Wimsey. “And too slow.”
“True. There’s the Inspector French method - you break the unbreakable alibi.”
Wimsey groaned
“If anybody says ‘Alibi’ to me again, I’ll- I’ll-“
“All right. There are plenty of methods left. There’s the Thorndyke type of solution, which, as Thorndyke himself says, can be put in a nut-shell. ‘You have got the wrong man, you have got the wrong box, and yiou have got the wrong body.’ Suppose, for instance, that Paul Alexis is really-“
“The Emperor of Japan! Thank you.”

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